What Are The Sightseeing Activities Done In Boating or Causing?

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Attractions of Malvan

Water sports in Malvan | Parasailing in Malvan


Boating is done early in the morning. The sightseeing points or Attractions of Malvan are Kawada island, Shimpla point, Rock Garden, Chivla beach and God island


  • Rates of Water sports in Tarkarli/Malvan

Rs. 800/- per person

Jet ski Ride

Banana Ride

Bumper Ride

Sleepar Bumper

Speed Boat

  • Parasailing in Tarkarli & Malvan

Rs. 800/- per person

The adventure sports Package


What are the rates/ charges/ price of complete water sports in Tarkarli/ Malvan ?

There is a full package of water sports, Parasailing, Dolphin Spotting and snorkeling cost around Rs. 2000/- per person.

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