Dive Vengurla  |  Scuba Diving in Vengurla

It makes us Proud to say that Sindhudurg has highest number of  Diving sites. in west Coast  of Maharashtra India. To keep the interest on we have given more weight age for quality Diving, Safety Standard Protocols, Experience. When it comes to scuba diving  for Beginners to Experience Level for Best experience and Quality Diving. We say Dive Vengurla that means Lets ‘Go for Deep sea diving in Vengurla’.


Where we dive and where are these Diving sites Located?

The Diving site are vengurla Rocks also called as nivti Lighthouse In British Era it was called as ‘ Burnt Iland’ It has historical Importance. These diving sites are in the middle of Ocean around 10 kms distance from Nivti Beach Vengurla. Maharashtra India These are bare Rocks, Group of Rocks standing in deep ocean Mainly doing the works of Navigation for ships & Vessels. It also acts as a Breeding site for rare Bird Indian Swift let.


What we do and what are the things to see at Vengurla Rocks?

Vengurla Rocks is an Interesting Destination.

There is a caves to see By Scuba Diving

There is a wall to see By Scuba Diving

There are Different types of soft Corals, Hard Corals

Big Rocks submerged  in a depth of 40 ft to 60 ft deep

Burnt  Iland Rocks are 20m to 50m above Sea level

Loads of Marine Life. We get to see schools of Red Snapper, Giant Grouper Morels, Trigger Fish, Lobsters, Parrot fish, Angel Fish, Morish Idol and many more.

There are also ‘ Ship Wreck Dive’ at Vengurla Rocks


Why do we need to do advance Booking for Scuba Diving in Vengurla?

There is a advance Booking to be done before enrolling because.

  1. We do limited Trips & shall batches for better safety and Quality.
  2. We do scuba diving in best time and take care that each customer get sufficient amount of time to spend in water for maximum experience & fun.


Why should we trust u for Diving?

Because our Instructors are Internationally affiliated to PADI & SSI Australian & U.S organization world’s Biggest & Largest quality Training organization in field of Scuba Diving for Recreational & Tourism Industry


I don’t Know swimming can I still do deep sea diving?

Yes u can do. Only with proper Education, Training & Practice for Repetition.

We give sample amount of training session to improve your confidence, comfort level & Motivate u to get mentally prepared. We take care that unless & until the person does not clear the training part we don’t proceed further.

Diving limit for fresher’s/  beginners are up to 36 feet According to safety Depth limit, for non certified Diver. We don’t exceed this limit as ‘safety comes first’ . we neither Compromise with safety and Instruments.


What safety precaution or Measures to take Before & During Dive?

  • See that Diver is signing & doing proper work for Medical Clearance
  • Don’t consume Alcohol before Diving
  • Keep yourself enough well Hydrated. Avoid oily & spicy stuff.
  • Don’t litter on the Beach or throw any waste in ocean.
  • Avoid Touching corals, teasing or chasing any marine life.
  • Don’t feed Bread to fishes as it is not there food that disturb there system & marine chain system.


How much time it take for the complete Programme ?

At least it Requires 3-4 hours or complete Day for 1 day program. For 2 day programme everything goes smoothly only Orientation dive is added in the programme.