What is scuba diving in malvan. How is the procedure?

The Primary scuba diving site and first Snorkeling and scuba diving started in Malvan near Sindhudurg fort. The boat leaves from Dandi Beach Malvan it takes 5-10 minutes to reach the site for diving. At first they give basic Scuba instruction and then Dive underwater for 20-25 minutes.

What are Diving sites in Malvan ? How many diving sites ?

  • Near Scuba diving in Sindhudurg fort there are Three Diving points.
  • King Garden No. 1 – Rs 800/- per person for 1 Diving site 20 minutes
  • King Garden No. 2 – Rs. 1200/- per person for 2 Diving site 30 minutes
  • King Garden No. 3 – Rs. 1500/- per person for 3 Diving site 40 minutes


I want to do Deep diving in Malvan where can I dive ?

Basically Malvan is famous for its coral Reel Area. For deep water programmers we have to dive either at square Rock or Kawda Rocks and Achara Diving site.

For Deep Water Diving in Malvan

Package charges / Rates / Cost of scuba diving in Malvan

Kawada Rocks – 3000/- per person for 30 minutes

Achara Rocks – 4000/- per person for 40 minutes

Square Rock – 3000/- per person for 30 minutes


What are the timings for scuba diving in Malvan ?

The Local Diving Programme at 8.00 am up to 5.00 pm

The total time takes 1 hours for complete programme to end. Except Deep diving Schedule for deep diving Report Early 7.00 am to 11.00 am


Normal Scuba Diving time 

Full day anytime between

8.00 am to 5.00 am



Deep Diving time

Only in the morning time

7.00 am to 11.00 am



Are there any price Discount for scuba. Diving in Malvan ?

  • For group of 5 or more than 5 there is 10% Discount