How To Reach Tsunami Island Devbag ?

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Tsunami island devbag As the name itself Tsunami island appeared in the year 2004 when tsunami waves hit the Indian ocean. It is located on the delta of Tarkarli river. Tourists can see the meeting point of Karli river with … Continued

Where Is Tarkarli Beach Located ?

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Tarkarli Beach Tarkarli is a small village in Sindhudurg on a konkan coastal belt of maharashtra. A 7km beach of tarkarli which start from Dandi beach upto Devbag beach a continuous band which mix of fisherman lifestyle and beach homestay … Continued

Is Swimming Necessary For Scuba Diving?

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Only with proper Education, Training & Practice for Repetition. We give sample amount of training session to improve your confidence, comfort level & Motivate u to get mentally prepared. We take care that unless & until the person does not … Continued

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