I don’t know swimming can I enroll for Scuba Diving ?

Yes, we proudly say you don’t have to be good swimmer to do scuba diving. Scuba divers for beginners are welcome.


What we will experience while scuba diving ?

Do the best experience is the calmness & positivity u feel inside after the dive. Secondly obviously the corals & marine life.


What is the difference between local diving and deep sea diving and why deep sea diving is expensive ?

The local/ normal dive / professional dive cost around 500-1500/-

The Deep sea diving cost Rs. 5000-6000/-

Difference Matter on what type of Experience to get ?

Difference Matter on your level of interest

Difference Matter on water clarity/visibility, Depth, quantity of marine life present and professionally shown

Difference Matter on Safety standard and  Measure used

Following Diving Protocols for safety first guarantee.

We recommend you to do ‘Market Research’ before joining or enrolling for deep sea diving. Because there are cons in the diving Industry who misguide Tourist. By giving Deep diving on nearby areas of Tarkarli Devbag & Malvan for cheaper prices.

The most important point is where u Dive?


What is the age limit for scuba diving Especially children’s ?

The minimum age limit is 10 years and above and no maximum limit. i.e. As physically fit Mentally prepared.


Are there any Medical Conditions for diving ?

Person must be physically fit majorly not having cardiac/ breathing related problems, not having any Ear drum related problems, Pregnancy, Heavy Asthma having surgery

The person is recommended to get permission/ medical clearance from doctor. Before diving we take medical clearance by signing RSTC form.


Do we need to take any specific Diet before Diving?

Not any specific diet. But to avoid eat any spicy or oily stuff. Intake salad or fruits. Please don’t consume alcohol. Before & during Dive. ‘ No Hangover’ Person Sorry!! No Diving!!