Tarkarli Beach Scuba Diving

Tarkarli beach is the most popular beach in maharashtra. In the West coast of india. The best diving location at the Konkan  beaches of Maharashtra . Tarkarli beach scuba diving is famous for its divers marine life and biggest coral reef in west coast of india.The clean and crystal clear water of tarkarli beach which makes the weather climate favourable for Adventure watersports activities safe in tarkarli beach.Tarkarli beach is famous for swimming in tarkarli.

Best time to visit tarkarli beach and timing for scuba diving

Tarkarli beach is operated throughout the year. Best time to do scuba diving is from month of October, November, December, January, February, march, april, may.
Scuba Diving is closed from June, July, august, September, as because of monsoon the scuba diving programs are closed because sea condition are rough.

Cost charges rates prices of scuba diving in tarkarli 

Cost of scuba diving in tarkarli depend on the types of programme which can be described into cheapest programme  and standard programme
-Cheaper programme/ Local programme
has no proper equipment or half equipment with something called ‘zugaad’  diving procedure.
– No detail instructions on diving safety and procedure. Which can be serious affect on divers health with potential risk.Eg – ear pain during diving, Ear drum problems , few scratches or cutting on the body, sometime scuba cylinder getting empty while diving.
– No safety training and time  . All time possibilities of spend less time underwater for just photography purpose.we just called it ‘ scuba snan’
– Time taken to complete scuba programme is within 1hour.
– These programmes are done at crowded location scuba spots.

Standard programme-
– Full scuba equipment and prior training of using full scuba apparatus.
– Detail instructions for an hour on to avoid any practical related issues . Do’s and don’t in water by practicing in water training.
– Safety procedures and we’ll established standard operating procedure of scuba diving plan and related precautions to be taken while diving.
– Time taken to finish complete programme is at least 3-4 hour.
–  programme are done at non crowded areas.

Top best location to do scuba diving in tarkarli india 

Malvan deep water marine sanctuary is the best location to see, explore and enjoy good marine life and corals at tarkarli beach.
To dive at these good location u need to clear detail training session and need of learning new diving skills because these areas are deeper and ecological sensitive. We need to take special permission to visit and full training to do scuba diving at these place.
An instructor/ Trainer design a special training schedule with detail instructions on safety briefing on marine life to be discovered and practice up with scuba diving gear.
A diver need to perform all safety skills successful and then he/she is allowed to dive at these diving spot.

 Minimum – Maximum age for scuba diving in tarkarli
Age for scuba diving in tarkarli 

Kids are allowed for scuba diving in tarkarli from 10 year an above.
Below 10 year can do snorkeling in tarkarli.
There is no any maximum age. Unless the person is physically fit to dive.

Best season to visit or to scuba dive in tarkarli

Best season to do scuba diving in tarkarli malvan 

October to may is the best season to do scuba diving in tarkarli malvan. Visibility is the major factor i.e water clearity which doesn’t remain stable throughout the month . There is slightly more or less change in clearity of water because of wind tides and waves.
As the climate in West coast of India is unpredictable so there will be fluctuations in water temperature and clearity.
A sincere advice to all visitor please don’t expect a great crystal clear water like in Andaman and lakshawadeep island. But overall it will be the best experience for weekend holiday adrenaline rush for adventure tours.