1)  Where Does The Program Take Place?

Here at Dive Vengurla, we don’t just throw you on the boat and hope all goes well! First, we start with a briefing and skill practice in our on-site training Lagoon Beach of Padmagad Island of Dandi Beach. This gives you the opportunity to get comfortable and accustomed to the dive equipment and being underwater in a nice confined water environment . There after head out on our boat, and complete 1open water dive for a time duration of 40 mins

2) How do we Conduct the Programme ?
It’s a Half Day Programme with a Private Chartered Trip with Personalized scuba Equipment & Boat.
Boat Occupies only 3-5 People maximum with No Multiple crowded Trips.
Day Start with a Briefing & Safety Instructions for around half & Hour
Instructor Explain u the Do’s & Don’ts Underwater
Basics of Scuba Equipment
Assembly of the Equipment
Sign Language / Communication Signals
Fish Identification Signals.
Then the Boat takes u for a Open water Dive.
The Dive which long for around 40 mins . At a Time 3 Divers can Dive at a same Time with a 1:1 Divers to Trainer Ratio. The Trainer Navigate the Diver throughout the Complete Dive Site.
Dive site Depth Range from 30- 32 ft and Area of around 700 sq .m patch is covered with starting the Dive from Location A to Location B. Total 2 Different Diving Spots are covered in a Dive.
The more time u spend covering Different placed the more chances to spot Divers Marine Life. The Objective of the Dive is to Cover a Wider Range of Marine Life species at Different Diving spots Underwater.

3) Special Requirement for Scuba diving in Malvan ?
Non Swimmer can Enrolled & should be Reasonably Fit .
Training is Mandatory. 1 Hour Session Includes Specific Skills to get to be done to make oneself Comfortable . If that Person is not Comfortable We don’t take them for a Deep Open Water Dive. The Person can Join on A Boat & Do the Snorkeling Programme on Different Snorkeling Site.


Also, do note – our Introduction to Scuba Diving programs are fully Private Service Oriented and conducted as per Customer Experience & Comfort Level of the Divers standards (actually exceeding it).    It is not to be confused with the Try Scuba program offered by tour operators, which consists of 2 mins minutes of being dragged from point A and Getting down from the Boat , having a few photos taken, and then dragged back.  We focus on teaching you the basic skills of diving, taking you for a long, relaxed dive and also explaining the underwater ecosystem to you, so you get a far richer and more immersive (no pun intended) program.