Level-1   Best Training Packages For Deep Scuba Diving In Malvan Tarkarli

Best  8 things you get from  top rated deep scuba diving package in malvan tarkarli beaches of maharashtra ( diving for motto of beach clean up and global awareness programme )

Time- best quality half day scuba diving package with more training and time with intro scuba learning skills  to get real scuba diving experience.

Basic Price : 2500/-Per Person

Training Duration + Underwater Practice Dive. ~ 1hour
Self Underwater Dive Duration-  15 Mins
Availability-  Limited Seats { No More             Than 5 Ppl} In One Batch
Type Of Diving-. 1 Dive Assistance Tandem
Location           –  Malvan /Tarkarli / Devbag
Diving Depth-      15-20ft. +1deep Dive
Deep Dive-          Yes
Paper Work –       Yes
Insurance-           Yes
License –              Yes (Beginnerlevel Rating)
Certification –       Yes
Photography -.     Yes
Videography  -.     Yes
Safety Guidlines-. Yes
Instructions-.         Yes
Medical Clearance-   Yes
Discount/Negotiate  – No
Diving On Self-           Yes
Full Scuba Diving Gear- Yes

Description about type of scuba diving?
Why we conduct and why its expensive?
What are the programme benefits?
How can i book for scuba diving?

Type Of Scuba Diving- 1 Dive Assitance Tandem Type  Dive With Trainer / Instructor. As U Will Be Diving With Buddy  .
Let’s Do Scuba Diving Safely The Real Fun Of Scuba Diving.

1)Will I Be Able To Learn New Skills ?
A-Yes . U Will Be Able To Learn New Few Skills  Necessary To Start Diving On Self  Under Trainers Supervision.

2)Will I Be Able To Dive On  My Own?
U Will Be Able To Start Learning How To Dive Independently Without Anybodys Direct Assistance.