How to reach Tarkarli from Mumbai?

From Mumbai to Tarkarli beach is 500 km by Road and By Train


How to reach Tarkarli/ Malvan Beach from Pune ?

Tarkarli beach/ Malvan is 400 km from pune by Road. The nearest stop are Kankavli Kasal on highway. We can get local transport from highway to Tarkarli Beach. The Local Taxi rent is Rs. 2000/-


How to Reach Tarkarli Beach from Nashik ?

The distance from Nashik to Tarkarli Beach/ Malvan is 444 km By road driving


How to Reach Tarkarli Beach/ Malvan from Hyderabad ?

The distance from Hyderabad to Tarkarli/ Malvan is 700 km by Road. Suggest to come to Belgaum or Kolhapur or Goa.

Belgaum to Sawantwadi & Sawantwadi to Malvan/Tarkarli Beach

Kolhapur to Kankavli & from Kankavli to Malvan/ Tarkarli Local Transport

Goa to Kudal & from Kudal to Malvan/Tarkarli

If u want to skip these headache we can Arrange a Taxi or Cab pick up from Kankavli, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Goa, Kudal, Sawantwadi.


How to reach Tarkarli from Bangalore ?

The distance from Bangalore to Tarkarli Beach is 650 km

Suggest to come directly at Belgaum or Goa

Pick up can be arranged from Belgaum or Goa.


How to Reach Tarkarli from Ahmadabad ?

The distance from Ahmadabad to Tarkarli is 1050 km

Suggest to come by Train, Air, Road

Nearest stops are Kankavli, Sindhudurg, Kudal

Pick up arrange from Kankavli,Sindhudurg,Kudal is Rs. 2000/- for AC Cab/ Taxi


How to Reach Tarkarli from Goa?

The distance from Goa to Tarkarli/ Malvan Beach is 110 km

Pick up can be arrange from Goa to Tarkarli By Taxi


What are Hights to Tarkarli / Malvan Beach ?

Nearest Airport in Tarkarli is Goa Airport which is 130 km from Tarkarli

Pick up or Drop can be arrange to Airport